Our Story

AK Founder Tanya Sodhi with Teachers

Support Staff / Care Takers

Angel Keepers made its humble beginnings in 2014 in a one Bedroom Apartment with one child. Within a span of one year we were 20 plus kids and within no time, the Daycare strength went up to 50 and still growing. We have evolved in every aspect of services - Infrastructure, Aesthetics, Safety Measures,  Diligence owing to sheer commitment & Passion  to serve our 'Angels'. With God's blessings and wishes of Parents, it is our genuine endeavour to strive for perfection with indubitable deliverables. Our journey continues!

  •  Help children to express themselves & develop as individuals
  •  Provide safe & hygienic environment in orderly atmosphere
  •  Inculcate proper values, good habits through structured curriculum
  •  Provide nutritional diet for physical development
  •  Assist child to become an independent & active thinker
  •  Educate child through academic sessions
  •  Enhance communication skills
  • Make children - the future leaders 

Our mission is to support families in their efforts to reach their goals. Our goal is to support children's desire to be life-long learners. We, at Angel Keepers, provide an environment where every child can become confident, proactive, articulate and a motivational learner. We see the image of God in every child, and hence we want to treat each & every single child with utmost care, love & respect. We strongly believe that if the teachers and care takers are beautiful inside with Godly character, right attitude & a pleasing personality, then these valuable traits gets naturally transferred to the children resulting into beautiful & strong personalities. And hence, we emphasize a lot on the teacher’s professional, social, emotional, and spiritual growth/ development.

'It is also our mission for each child to know that they are loved by God'

Tanya sodhi